Spring Cleaning

Daylight savings time always makes me excited because it means spring is just around the corner! After a winter full of snowstorms, I am ready to shed my winter layers for white skinny jeans, spring dresses, and bright pink nail polish. Like most twenty-somethings, my closet space is at a premium. “I simply don’t know what to do with all this closet space” said no southern girl…ever. In anticipation of spring shopping, I’m using my Sunday afternoon to clean out a bit and make way for new favorites.



The hardest things for me to get rid of are always the old favorites that just don’t fit anymore, or things that I paid too much for, but never wear. To help, I try to follow a few rules:

1. If it’s broken, stained, torn, etc. it goes…either to the tailor to be fixed or to be tossed.

2. If it doesn’t fit (and hasn’t for years, but I still love it)…donate or sell and let someone else enjoy it!

3. If I don’t feel good in it, sell it (consignment, ebay, etc.) and use the money for a new lip gloss or mani-pedi that will make me feel great and remind myself to avoid whatever reasoning prompted me to buy said item in the first place.

The exception: special occasion wear! I keep mine on a clothes rack in the guest bedroom because seeing all those silk and sequin dresses makes me smile. It also allows everything to be ready to wear and visible the instant a last minute cocktail or charity ball invitation comes my way. I would hate to say no to such fun because I didn’t have a thing to wear.


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