In My Makeup Bag: YSL Touche Éclat



The newest addition to my makeup bag is YSL Touche Éclat in 2.5 “Luminous Vanilla”.  Though often marketed as a concealer, I had heard of it’s magic as a highlighter and brightener, and decided to add Touche Éclat to my arsenal as a subtle way to incorporate the contouring and highlighting craze into my daily makeup routine and freshen up my look. I was amazed at how, with a few flicks of her wrist, the Nordstrom Beauty Spot consultant was able to wake-up my 7pm post long day at the office look. I instantly looked like I had either gotten a few additional hours of sleep, or spent a few hours less at the office….a complete win in my book! Plus, I simply love the chic gold and black packaging. It just looks glamorous!

Once I got home, I scoured the web for a quick how-to cheat sheet that I could keep on hand to replicate her artful strokes, and found this quick reminder of a few tips and tricks above and beyond virtually eliminating under eye circles. How do you use Touche Éclat?


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