Shopping Problems: Dress for the life I have, not the life I want

I’m a self-diagnosed delusional shopper. My problem is that I get so excited about shopping for the life I wish I had, not the life I actually have that post-purchase depression creeps in. Nothing gets me more excited than the idea of shopping for a new cocktail dress. Even with the best of intentions to stick to practical perusing, I can’t help but be drawn to anything on the rack flaunting sequins, feather, or fur. My mind immediately starts daydreaming about holiday parties, charity galas, and swanky dinner parties where such fabulous finds might get to live the life they deserve. After a few moments, the unfortunate reality sets in that what I really need is a new cozy sweater and boots for running errands and to the wood-fired grill around the corner for a quick dinner. No matter how chic the sweater, it simply doesn’t conjure up the same excitement as a sparkly dress and silky soft fur stole. So what, exactly, is causing this current bout of internal warfare of fabulous verses function? Nothing more than a simple flyer from Piperlime featuring a flowing soft pink silk skirt from Milly with its layers upon layers of elegant ruffles topped of my a sparkly pink Kate Spade sweater and metallic strappy sandals. Maybe I can find some common ground and settle for just the sweater paired with skinny jeans and metallic pumps, but it still won’t be the same. What glamorous, but impractical outfits are you craving this winter?



Kate Spade Shimmer Turtleneck/ Tara Skirt by Milly / Stuart Weitzman Nudist Sandal / Wells Grace Feather Skirt




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