Peonies & Prosecco at Home: Downstairs Design Inspiration

Since moving into our house, our downstairs has been used mainly as a storage or staging area for donations, home improvement projects, off-season wardrobe items, etc. It’s so frustrating to have all of this extra living space that goes largely unused, especially since every bit counts in our small townhouse! When we moved in, Ted picked out a Restoration Hardware leather couch and last year I treated myself to the Bernhardt Salon Collection Desk that I’d had my eye on since spotting it in Elle Decor a few years ago. In theory, this should be one of the most functional spaces in our home from a workspace to a place to relax and watch tv (especially since we opted not to have an tv in our main living room). By nature, a partially underground finished basement isn’t the most inviting, but we do have two windows that allow partial daylight and a wood-burning fireplace that can be quite cozy in the winter. I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to figure out how to finish the space to make us want to spend time downstairs using key pieces we already have in place (desk, chair, blue accent chairs, rug). I think adding a few decorative accents like gold étagères to house books and trinkets as well as hanging a mirror to reflect light and floral arrangements for a few pops of color might be a step in the right direction. I’m stuck on window treatments as I do think they would warm up the space, but am thinking about something more minimal like roman shades instead of flowing drapes. How would you accent this space?

herringbone throw ice blue

Lulu & Georgia Throw

ginger jar

Ginger Jar

pottery barn teen maison bookshelf

Maison Bookcase

royal blue chair

Royal Blue Arm Chair


Bernhardt Salon Desk

Gender Announcement

Ted and I are thrilled to announce that we’re having a baby boy!
Kristen Baby Reveal (1 of 2) Kristen Baby Reveal (1 of 1)I’ve been getting lots of questions about how I’ve been feeling, what I’ve been craving, etc. so here goes. I’m feeling great! I have to say that I’ve been really lucky and didn’t really deal with morning sickness during my first trimester unless I let myself get really hungry. I did eat more carbs than usual since a salad sounded like the last thing I wanted to eat some days, but enjoyed being able to get away with eating bread without the guilt. Now that I’m well into my second trimester, my energy level is pretty much back to normal and I’m making sure to eat plenty of protein and veggies. Oh, and ice cream…for the calcium, of course. I’m also keeping up my gym routine, but have replaced more intense classes with pilates for strength and toning. I managed to stick to my pre-pregnancy wardrobe until just a few weeks ago when I finally started to pop. Each weekend has involved a closet cleaning session to keep weekday morning frustration at bay, with my beloved tailored J. Crew dresses and pencil skirts being the first items to go. See ya next spring!

Now that we know the gender, we can really get to decorating the nursery and settling on a name. Ted is a junior, so he’s petitioning for a third, but I’ll need a good nickname so there is no doubt who I’m talking to!

Thanks for reading!