Life Lately

Hi everyone,

I’ve been away from blogging for quite a while lately, much longer than I intended, as I’ve been swept up in my “busy season” at work and getting ready for baby! As things are settling down at the office and my due date is drawing near, I hope to get back to more regular updates. The end of summer absolutely flew by, and I was able enjoy wearing most of my normal clothes until well into my second trimester. Even now that I’m less than four weeks from my due date, I’ve been able to get by with a “capsule collection” of maternity clothes. My biggest struggle was finding tailored, professional looking work wear that I felt confident in. I’m working on a post of my maternity work wardrobe must-haves for those in a fairly conservative office environment.


I still really haven’t had any weird cravings, but did indulge in a weekly salt bagel egg white sandwich from Bodo’s Bagels in Charlottesville, VA (a UVa staple!) for a few weeks during my second trimester. I’ve tried to keep up a gym routine as much as possible, but have mainly been using the elliptical machine since the fluid motion is the comfortable with the extra weight I’m carrying. Most weekends have been spent tackling home improvement projects that have always been on the list, but now have a deadline. Ted did a great job putting up crown molding in the baby’s room and kitchen and installing a “built-in” bookshelf in the basement. We’ve also been trying to clean out to make room for all of the new baby gear that we’ve acquired from friends and family. My Alexandria friends, that have become like family, threw an amazing baby shower a few weeks ago that I promise to share as well!


Glad to be back at it and sharing with my online friends. Thanks for reading!



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