Another Year Older (Almost)

It’s exactly one month before my birthday, which always has me thinking about all of the to-dos, things I wanted to accomplish, and things I need to change before that next milestone. A few years ago, my biggest priorities were getting to a certain place in my career and seriously thinking about starting family.

The year, it’s the wrinkles, the workout, and the wardrobe…
I found out that I was pregnant shortly after my 30th birthday so I gave myself a pass on worrying about that whole post-30 wardrobe cleanse thing since I knew I’d be buying maternity clothes soon enough and had no idea what my post baby body would be like. In addition to asking myself, should I still be wearing this, I also need to consider how much my wardrobe needs have changed. I’ve always had a penchant for fancier clothes than my life really needed, but now going to the club means tee boxes and brunch rather than sequins and stilettos, and I need to be honest about what I really wear.
Further complicating matters, my office recently went from a minimum of business casual to a jeans everyday dress code. (Whether or not I actually want to wear jeans to the office everyday is a different matter…more on that later). For years, I invested in business professional or business casual pieces thinking they’d be wardrobe workhorses forever. While I’m pretty sure I’ll hang on to my favorite black pencil skirt and a few silk blouses, I just don’t need all of the filler pieces that basically stretched my wardrobe to avoid constant trips to the dry cleaner.
Getting my closet in check is sounding like a workout, and it’s a good thing since I haven’t been getting to the gym as regularly since going back to work. By the time we get Tad to bed, eat a bite of dinner, and I take care of any open items I may have left at the office, I feel like it’s too late to go to the gym (or so I tell myself). I’m hoping to start packing a gym bag and working out at the office before I come home on days that Ted has daycare pick-up, and challenging myself to go after dinner at least one day per week, even if for only 30 minutes.
Finally, I really don’t worry much about breakouts, but can no longer ignore those fine lines and wrinkles. I started using eye cream and night cream a few years ago, but have primarily relied on samples I received or whatever brand I happened to like the packaging on rather than really doing my research. I think I’m old enough now to invest in some solid products since an ounce of prevent is probably literally worth a pound of cure in this case. A fresh makeup routine probably wouldn’t hurt either!
Over the next few weeks, I’ll (hopefully) be tackling each of these areas and maybe feeling good enough about being another year older to celebrate gracefully.
In the meantime, I’d love suggestions on the best anti-aging products, especially for forehead lines and tired under eyes! What are your tried and true favorites?

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