Rainy Day Hair Styles (that work for work)

Supposedly, April showers bring May flowers, but for now they are only bringing seemingly never ending bad hair days. I have to admit that although my normal hot roller curls fall more quickly on a rainy day, I am (thankfully) also pretty free from frizz thanks to my naturally fairly straight locks. The one thing I refuse to do on a rainy day though, is shampoo (unless really necessary). A rainy day is typically my excuse to skip the shampoo (and blow dry) and opt for revitalizing my ‘do with dry shampoo, a good brush out, and a few hot rollers. Turns out, skipping the shampoo helps banish frizz and lock in style when it’s drizzling outside.

Since there have been so many rainy days lately, with only more to come, I started looking for a few alternatives to the rainy day flat hair blues that could go to the office without looking like I was ready for a red carpet affair, or just rolled off of my beach towel. I needed look no further than my favorite “it girl” Olivia Palermo. She is a great example of how a low, sleek bun always makes you look professional and polished for any meeting, or that embracing the curl killing weather can end up being a study in sleek, straight chic!

What are your “do’s” for a rainy day hairdo?


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