Have you ever thought about what’s in your makeup and skincare products? I have to admit that I really hadn’t until earlier this week when I was invited to a social by one of my dear friends to learn about Beautycounter. I was shocked as the consultant, Evie Cartwright, rattled off a list of ingredients commonly found in beauty products that are banned in other countries and noted that the list of banned substances in the US has not been updated since the 1930s! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised by how beautifully packaged the products are and how luxurious everything felt from the rich, silky eye cream to the delicious smelling sugar scrub. I decided to try Tint Skin, a sheer foundation product, and the Lustro Face Oil that the hostess was simply raving about. I can’t wait for my products to arrive so that I can tell you all how I’m enjoying them! Have you tried Beautycounter? Which products do you enjoy using?



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