I have been so excited to get away and spend a few days basking in the sun and sand. Unfortunately, we learned that we shouldn’t call a beach vacation any sort of “moon” since that seems to invite the rain. We headed down to Jekyll Island for a mini honeymoon for a few days immediately following our wedding since we had decided to take a longer trip to Paris and the French Riviera later that year. It rained the whole time! The same thing happened this past weekend when we jetted down to Naples, Florida for a babymoon, a final vacation without a baby in tow.


As soon as we landed, we scurried down to the beach to try to catch a few minutes on the sand in between rain showers, but quickly had to seek shelter at the beach cabana. We spent the afternoon darting outside between rain showers, and eventually admitted defeat before seeking out a dinner spot in the historic downtown area.

The weather our second day wasn’t much better, but we had plans to visit dear friends at their nearby home that afternoon and evening. It was wonderful catching up with old friends and sharing a delicious meal. We even snuck in a sunset stroll as the weather cleared just in time for sunset.


Our final full day, we had to admit defeat when faced with a forecast that showed nothing but thundershowers all day long. I spent hours finding a resort that boasted comfy cushioned beach and pool loungers, but also made sure they had a spa with prenatal friendly treatments, so that’s where we sought refuge from the storm. We treated ourselves to massages, I splurged on a facial as well, and enjoyed access to the spa facilities for most of the afternoon. I had also made dinner reservations at BALEEN, one of the few restaurants where you can actually enjoy a sunset dinner on the beach. Again, the rain foiled our plans, but we still enjoyed a lovely meal from the covered patio instead.

IMG_2477 IMG_2483IMG_2480IMG_2500

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