Brunch with Santa

Rather than taking Tad to the mall to see Santa, we attended a brunch with Santa. It was the perfect opportunity for him to see the jolly old fellow and watch other kids he knows sit on his lap first. He devoured all sorts of treats like Belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream while we waited our turn. There were also plenty of Christmas trees with bright, shiny ornaments for him to explore. He’s not really talking yet so I’m pretty sure he asked for a dadada and a nuh-nuh (what he calls our dog, Nutmeg), but hopefully Santa speaks baby babble because Tad’s been an awfully good boy this year. He loves going to school, reading books, and crawling all over the place. He’s learned to wave bye-bye, give kisses and high fives, and is a little speedster with his walker.

Oh, and he even gave us the classic picture you were really hoping for…

2 thoughts on “Brunch with Santa

  1. Love the Christmas pics! Beautiful! Also love your skirt in lace with the maroon blouse! A beautiful combination for the Holidays! Tad was adorable too and looks like he enjoyed Santa! Thanks for sharing your day!

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    1. Thank you so much! We came straight from the first attempt at pictures for our Christmas card, so it will look like I’ve been wearing the same thing all season. Tad is such a little ham, and loves a good party. Hope to see you and your girlies soon!


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